Manuel Ortiz Williams

Currently Design Director and Partner at Goods & Services focusing on branding and identity systems, marketing communications, and experiences.  

Since 2016, Manuel has helped establish Goods & Services, a full service design firm in Atlanta, Ga., with now 40+ employees and offices in NYC and San Francisco. His focus has been in building the design practice and delivering work with collaborative clients such as Glint, IEX Group, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, and The Coca-Cola Co.

At Goods, worked on helping The Coca-Cola Co. concept and design on its new corporate identity, as well a solve for its new products lines AHA Sparkling Water and SmartWater infused flavors. Also, launched Glint’s Go Ahead Love Your Job campaign and People’s Success Summit, and delivered on Splunk’s Self-Service Cloud Platform prototype.

In his free time, Manuel is working on a logo book that highlights Puerto Rican Graphic Design, helping friends start their brands and businesses, and riding his motorcycle to the Georgia mountains.